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Abanico JL
Duende LII x Estanquera IX
gg Ee AA CRcr

Abanico JL is a  truly wonderful PRE, he is of the older more stocky type of Spanish Horse and a buckskin . Abanico JL is bred by one of Spain's most respected breeders of diluted and competition horses in Spain Don Javier Larrosa and family. We are so proud to be able to to have this super stallion here at the stud. 
Abanico has outstanding movements and this makes him easy to train, he finds collected work really easy and has a super medium trot.
Although he is a smaller horse he has produced lots of  offspring larger  than himself and he has over 60 children throughout Spain, Europe, Mexico and the USA. Many of them are competing with success and one of his offspring was the Mexican Champion.
Abanico competed in Spain at Alta escuela and here in the UK he is being prepared to come out at PSG this year, he has only been out once in the UK and won his Elementary class.
Abanico has bloodlines from Paco Marti, Antonio Alba Romeu, Vara Munoz, Joaquin Pareja Obregon and going back to Bocado.
Abanico is a buckskin with one red gene and has many diluted offspring including cremello, perlino, buckskin...He is the perfect stallion for anyone wanted to breed pure or part bred dressage horses.
Photos shoe Abanico JL and some of his offspring in Spain and Mexico.
Abanico JL is available at stud for 2019.