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Star Andalusians PRE Stud    

The young fillies are growing well and in a couple of months we will bring two of them in for training and backing. Lluna SA will be presented for the APTO in 2017.


Cortijero XXIII our main stallion, had a wonderful time at Stallion AI/Tremlows and so now he is available for frozen semen.


The foals are growing up so fast and we are starting to prepare them for weaning.

They are all eating hard food now and plenty of hay :) Next month we will wean and then they will go to new homes..


The foals are growing up rapidly and we have already sold Draco and Alzir...I am looking forward to watching them grow into lovely riding horses with their new owners.

The photo on the left is Mirach SA. He is getting very tall and still has a spectacular movement.

This is Draco SA having a good gallop about in the field. He is such a cheeky boy.

He is going to grow into such a stunner, like all his brothers and sisters.

Below is Alzir, he is getting very tall and chunky, like his father...



This month has been very busy, we started with the lovely Cassy Gatsby coming with Horse and Rider magazine to the yard to do an article in the magazine on plaiting. The boys were used as models and they all loved the attention!

Our foals have been born and I will update with more photos soon!

Above is a colt from Cortijero and Embrujada Santa. He is stunning and such a lovely colour.


Spring is getting closer now and the mares only have a month to go until foaling. They are getting fat!

I love this photo of Cortijero XXIII, he seems to find everything very funny.

The photo on the right is his daughter Opera, she is such a beautiful mare and is now in Norway with Liss Johnson.


I have been away in Spain to look at horses for people and had a lovely time. We saw our super new mare Gineta Santa. She is such an amazing moving mare and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces.

It is still very wet here and the boys are in most of the time. But not long now until the Spring arrives :)

January 2016

Happy New Year to all our Family, friends

and clients!

.New year and a new website.

We are working hard to start a new website, so its easier to keep everyone up to date with what's happening with the stud.

I have also been very busy going to and from Spain looking for horses for people. If you are looking for a PRE please get in contact and look at the Spanish sales website.

Our new horse transport company will be up and running later on this year and it will have the name

HTS Horse Transport Ltd... So watch out for us!


This month has started with this super picture being published in the BAPSH magazine of Cortijero and

James Smith of Esperanza Dressage at the National Breed show.

The two super colts Hamal and Avior are being prepared to go to their new home.


We made our yearly trip to SICAB which was wonderful. It is so nice to catch up with friends and fellow PRE enthusiasts. We saw so many beautiful horses, we would love to take one of our horses one year.

We have had this lovely photo of Persius SA sent to us and WOW he has turned into a stunning boy.

Persius is another son of Lengueto V and you can see it!


We have had the ANCCE approved vet Victoria South come and inscribe all our foals into the LGPRE stud book and now we will wait for the passports to arrive back, before all the colts are weaned and go to new homes

We had a surprise at the beginning of September when we saw Cortijero on the front page of Horse and Rider magazine. A few months ago Horse and Rider came to us to photograph the horses, so it was lovely to see that they had used some of the pictures.


All our foals are growing well and soon we will be thinking about weaning. So now we spend lots of tie handling the babies and getting them used to having hay and hard feed. All the foals have been sold this year and going to some wonderful homes, so as always we look forward to seeing them in the future.


All of our foals have been born now and most have potential new homes. Just a reminder to anyone that has any of our Homebred's or horses by our stallions, please keep in touch and share your pictures on the Star Andalusians Facebook page. It is really nice having regular updates from people.

Photo is the two colts Avior SA and Hamal SA having a blast.

The mares that have been scanned back in foal for 2016 are

Estrella CXXXII in foal to Cortijero XXIII

Dama PLL in foal to Cortijero XXIII

Embrujada Santa in foal to Cortijero XXIII


We welcomed the grading committee to our farm and had a very interesting few days. The APTO delegate that came this year was Maria Jose and she is well respected in Spain for her knowledge of the PRE. So I took the opportunity to spend some time listing to her points on the PRE horse.

Also at the end of July we went to the BAPSH National Breed Show. We only took Cortijero, but we had a great time.

Massive thanks to Esperanza Dressage and team for prepping him up and riding him at the show.

Also well done to Ellen who rode him in the dressage to music dressed as The lion King.. It was fantastic!

He came 4 in the stallion section and I am delighted with that result, considering that over a year ago we did not think he would ever compete again, due to the tendon injury that he had. But after having stem cell therapy and

a strict work plan, we seem to be ok :)

Photo shows Cortijero and Ellen in the freestyle dressage to music at the BAPSH show. 


This time of year becomes really busy for us, with not only our own mares to foal down and cover, but also all the visiting mares that come to us. We are also holding one day of the BAPSH PRE grading at our 

yard and look forward to seeing everyone. The APTO grading is a very important time for the PRE breeder and owner, this is when you find out if your horses is good enough to pass on its genes and become a breeding animal. Horses that do not pass are still good riding horses, but maybe not correct enough for breeding with.

Our second foal of the year has been born from Cortijero and Embrujada Santa, another colt, this time a diluted chestnut with white legs, white tail and blue eyes. We have named him Avior SA after a bright orange star.

At the beginning of June we took Cortijero to The festival of the Iberian horse and were delighted when he won the PRE stallion in hand section, then became Champion PRE in hand, second in the ridden with James Smith riding him, then to our amazement took the Supreme Champion PRE.. So happy :)


Our first foal of 2015 has been born from Dama PLL and Luminoso PM II. He is a superb buckskin colt.

We have called him Hamal after a bright star that was in the sky around the time of his birth. Dama is such a good mare and we hope to put her back in foal to Cortijero for 2016.


Spring has sprung and we have moved all our mares and youngstock into new fields with lots of grass.

We are really excited about this years foals and cant wait to see the first one from Dama PLL and Luminoso PM II.

The picture is of Luminoso PM II the sire of our first foal in 2015.


The first of our foals has gone to her new home and will be joining the stallion Metano III to be a future wife for him.

Urania SA is a super filly and we will look forward to hearing updates about her and how she is doing.

I have been to Spain looking at horses for people and seen some super stunning PRE's....


March is here and I thought it was about time I sat down and made the time to update the news page of the website.

Our second foal to go to his new home, left us this month. Oberon SA (Romero XXV x Estrella CXXXII) has gone to live with Franck and Sarah and I have high hopes for him becoming a super stallion and trained high school/trick horse....No pressure guys!

January 2015

Happy New Year to all our family, friends and clients.

This year celebrates 20 years since we first started breeding with Lengueto V.

Here he is in 2014 and to the right he is pictured with his son Elegante. Lengueto has changed many peoples lives and really has been a one in a million horse of a lifetime. He has sired possibly the largest amount of Pure and Part bred Spanish horses in the UK.


We are weaning our foals and so far they have all behaved really well. We like to handle them, teach them 

to lead and be independent, before they go to the new owners. It makes it so much easier if the foals are handled.

At the beginning of December we went to SICAB. This year was as fantastic as ever, so many wonderful horses and friends.

SICAB is a must for all Spanish horse enthusiasts, you get to see so many PRE's all under one roof.

The social side is important as well!!


We have been lucky enough to get away and have a holiday in Portugal. Whilst away Cortijero XXIII went to stay with Emma and James at Esperanza Dressage. James rode him and brought him back in to work and he is going really nicely, I am looking forward to him getting out to some competitions next year. he is such a kind horse and his foals this year are absolutely stunning.


All the foals have now been DNA tested, microchipped and entered into the ANCCE Spanish studbook.

We had a great day with vets from The Liphook Equine Hospital who came, took blood and microchipped the foals.

Our friends Simon and Nicky Wright came and on the same day all the foals, had trimmed feet.


All the mares and foals have been turned out onto the winter grazing. Next month we will be weaning and getting them ready to go to new homes. They love going into this field, it is really big and has loads of grass.


The summer is whizzing by and the foals are growing up fast. We have a facebook page now, so look out for it. We will regularly update it with news and pictures.

Our stallion Cortijero has gone for a little working holiday with Emma Thomas 

and James Smith at Esperanza Dressage and I was really lucky to be able to watch James ride him, he looked amazing, they are such a great team and I really recommend them to any of you that have Spanish horses that need training or competing.

Here are a few pictures of our lovely mares , Dama PLL and Lluna SA


All the foals have been born now and we have a bumper crop of fillies this year. All 3 foals from Cortijero have been fillies. We are offering for sale two of them, all the fillies will carry one copy of the red gene and hopefully Pearl for breeding future chestnuts, palominos and pearls. Take a look at our sales page for more information.

This month we went to the BAPSH National show, it is always great to catch up with friends old and new and I love seeing all the horses. It is really nice to see our homebreds, the picture below is of Neptune owned and ridden by Kim Gubler and Orion owned and ridden by Jacqui Birch. Well done you guys, you look amazing :)


Our first foal has been born, a Black /Grullo/Pearl gene filly from Cortijero XXIII and Victoriosa-P. This filly is awesome with very long legs and a super head. She is called Vela SA. Later on in the month we are hoping to introduce a new mare into the herd, she carries a famous brand and excellent movements. Fingers crossed! 

We managed to get to out and see some of our homebreds being shown this month. Congratulations to Simon and Nicky Wright winning the stallion class at Pachersham with the lovely Zodiaco V and Jacqui Birch winning the gelding class with Orion XXVI. Both of these boys are sons of Lengueto V.

Pictures are of Zodiaco V (above) Lengueto V X Angelina II

Orion XXVI ( Right) Lengueto V X Dudosa XXVIII


During the month of May we have been very busy preparing the yard for the 2014 Spanish grading.

It is an honour to have our yard chosen as a venue and this year lots of stunning PRE's came and were looked at by the official delegate from Spain. Congratulations to everyone whose horses passed the grading and it was lovely to meet you all!


The Pedro de Cardenas stallion Paje V is staying with us at the moment, he belongs to Sharon Moore. Paje has had a successful dressage career with Emma Thomas of Esperanza 

dressage and he is having a well earned break with us. He is such a lovely boy, with a fabulous pedigree from Leviton, Bilbaino III,

Posedio IV and many other well known Carthusian horses.


It has been really lovely to catch up with some of our homebreds and Emily who now owns the super buckskin colt Amarillo Sol SA has told me I can share them on here. He really is looking super! Well done Emily



March has been a very busy month. We are now offering full livery to a limited number of stallions or geldings.

Staying with us for a short while now and available at stud, is the amazing Smokey black stallion Ebano AP. Ebano is bred and branded by Yeguada Agricola Peralta and has a lovely old pedigree.

Yeguada Agricola Peralta is one of the most historical studs in Spain, the two brothers Angel and Rafael Peralta spent many years selecting the best Spanish horses to breed from. Ebano AP will be combining standing at stud with us in the south of England until the end of June and being in training for the National breed show with Esperanza Dressage.


This has got to be the mildest winter I have ever known!

The grass is still growing and the mares are all very happy.

We have weaned the foals and they are all happy. So at this time of year we are spending time handling the foals more and getting them ready to go to new homes. Good luck for the future to Rose Aylward with the mega colt Centarius SA and the stunning moving, but cheeky Santa SA. Also we are proud to have bred the beautiful colt Romulus de Romero SA. Romulus has made his way to Geoff and Margaret Shawcross of Gazaro Andalusians. Romulus is a son of the Multichampion stallion Romero XXV and out of our homebred mare Estrella CXXXII. We will be watching baby Rom with keen interest

January 2014

Well the new year is here and 2014 has arrived! How time flies by. This year we are going to make a real effort to try and find out how all our older homebreds are doing. So if you own a Star Andalusian's homebred or know someone else who owns one, please get in touch, It would be lovely to know how they all doing.

The pictures here are of two homebreds, Pluto and Venus.


The mares and foals have been moved to winter pasture and they will stay here until weaning.

At the end of this month, I will be getting ready to go to SICAB! Very exciting.


We had a fantastic time at SICAB. I enjoyed catching up with old friends and making many new friends.

It was very interesting to see the stunning stallion Vinas Jalon become Champion, as he is related to our mare Victoriosa P, he also shares the same white legs! Victoriosa has the same fantastic movements as him. Whilst at SICAB we managed to sneak a quick stud visit in, by going to Caballos Llargues, it always really interesting to go and see all the

farms and training centres, the Spanish people are always so happy to show you there wonderful horses. 


We have been spending some time with the yearling colts, grooming them and getting the farrier to trim there feet. They have been very well behaved.

It was a lovely surprise to open up Horse and Hound this month and see one of our homebreds Neptune or Tommy as he is known to friends, with his owner and friend of mine Kim Gubler, modelling

Well done Kim and Tommy! Tommy's sire was our lovely Carthusian stallion Yucateco III and his dam

was the Pedro De Cardenas mare Fallera VI.


September has been a busy month here, we have been worming and trimming all the mares and foals.

We try and get the foals to accept as many things as possible at a young age, which can be fun!

We went to watch a Lengueto V offspring competing at a local dressage competition, his name is Taurus and he looked amazing. Well done Emma, all the work is paying off at last. Here are a couple of pictures of Taurus.


The weather has been fantastic this summer and this has helped us get all our mares back in foal for 2014! We have our three pearl carrying mares in foal to our pearl carrying stallion Cortijero, so lets hope we are lucky and have a golden double pearl next year. All the foals are growing well and enjoying the warm sunshine.


We have had two more foals born this month, super stunning Santa SA and amazing Lluna SA. Both foals and dams are doing really well. Lluna is our first cream/pearl filly!

Santa SA

We also had the BAPSH National show this month and being as I am one part of the team organisers, most of July was filled up with getting things ready for the show. The show was brilliant and it was so nice to see so many PRE's under one roof. 

This year we combined the qualifier and BAPSH show for the first time, making the whole show extra special. We even ran some practise ANCCE CUP dressage classes. Here are a few photos from the weekend.


June has been a busy month with ups and downs. Two of our mares foaled, first came Victoriosa-P's foal, a stunning big, bay colt and then Estrella CXXXII gave birth to a super classy bay colt by virtually unbeaten, multichampion stallion Romereo XXV.

Then in the middle of the month we were a venue for the UK Spanish grading. It was very interesting to be able to watch first hand how the new grading system is run and horses do seem to undergo a much more stringent test. The measurement's are taken all over the horse, even the mouth! Seeing the horses being made to show the movements was pleasing, as for years now the horses have only been measured for size and it has seemed crazy to allow an animal to be approved for breeding when you have never seen it move! That's my opinion anyway. Hopefully we will see the benefit of the new grading system in a few years, with more 

inferior animals not being approved, thus improving the breed standard as a whole. Our new stallion Cortijero XXIII arrived from Spain and he is super stunning! We can't wait to see some foals from him next year! Go to our stallion page for more information on him.

We went to Pachersham Festival of the Iberian Horse Show and it was a great result for Star Andalusian offspring by Lengueto V. My dear friend Jacqui Birch's bay stallion called Orion (Lengueto V X Dudosa) won the in hand stallions, was champion in hand, then supreme of show!! Fantastic Jacqui and well done !!!!! Also well done to Carly for running him up! Then 3rd in the same class was Zodiaco V (Lengueto V Angelina II) congratulations to the Wright family, he looked fantastic. Then another Lengueto offspring called Dante was the Partbred in hand champion! I was chuffed to bits and Lengueto V had an extra carrot in his tea that night!


Well May is here and it is still raining! But the grass is growing. South downs collage came to the stud and along with Bolingbroke PRE Stud we gave a talk on breeding and PRE/ Andalusian horses. It was a great day and everyone was treated to a display by the Bolingbroke display horses!

We are waiting for our first foals to be born at the end of this month. We will also be having a new boy arriving at the stud, so watch this space!

Our first mare due to foal is Victoriosa P and we are really looking forward to seeing her baby. Below are some pictures of the mares after we moved them into the new field for the spring.


Where does the time go!? I cannot believe we are in April Already. It has still been cold though and we are still looking out for some summer sun.

At the end of April I was lucky enough to get to Spain for a few days with a good friend of mine to look at some lovely Spanish horses. We went to Malaga and were treated to a visit of the stud of Ganaderia Jose Werner. Such a lovely stud with wonderful people and we were treated like royalty. They have some super horses here for sale and if anyone is looking to buy in Spain, please feel free to contact me. Here are a few pictures from our visit.


The mares are getting fat now and soon we will take there winter rugs off. Last week we managed to trim them up and they are all looking very smart. Soon they will be moved into a new field before they come down to the farm for foaling.

I have put this lovely picture of our homebred Sagitta SA with Laura at the BAPSH National Championships in 2012.

January 2013

Happy New Year to all our family, friends and clients.


Its always amazing how fast the months go by and we are already in February. It has been very cold and snowy,

lets hope the worst of the winter is over! The mares are all fat and warm,it wont be long untill the first foals are born.

Just as we were going into the coldest snap

so far this year,we had an arrival from Spain!

November/December 2012

In November we will be making our way to SICAB! I am really looking forward to seeing all the horses and catching up with old friends ! SICAB is a must for the Spanish horse enthusiast!

So we made it to SICAB and had a fantastic time meeting up with friends! To see so many British entries this year at SICAB was truely wonderful! 

We managed a stud visit whist we were there and saw some lovely horses.

SICAB is always so much fun! Lots of horses,food and wine! Or Bicardi and cokes!

As soon as we arrived home we weaned our foals and both mummys and babies are doing great,infact both the mares and the foals seemed to be happy to be parted. So now we are spending time handling the two babies and teaching them the ways of the world.

Below is a picture of myself,Sue Stokes and Juan Manuel Munoz,the rider of the great Fuego de Cardenas !

September/October 2012

Well winter is round the corner. The foals are getting used to being lead and groomed before the event of weaning and they are gulping down hard food and hay! I always feel a bit sad at this time of year,cold weather,rain,dark nights! But soon it will be spring and we will be counting the days for the first foal to be born! The mares are getting there winter coats now and soon we will rug them up and they will go out to the 25 acres for the winter.

August 2012

The National Breed show at Hartpury was a huge success this year with 200 horses ! As we were helping with the show and setting up the trade stand area,we only took one horse Vega,she did not get placed,but behaved amazingly well,traveling all by herself to and from the show. The prize for the most travelled horse we have ever bred,must go to Laura and Sagitta,who came all the way from Scotland !!! This year we have had two foals a stunning buckskin colt out of our homebred mare Estrella and sired by Brindis MG and a fantastic Black colt with one pearl gene out of Melodia. Both foals are corkers. Sagittario the black colt is going to be making his way to France later this year to the Champs de Reves Spanish stud,as a foundation stallion Our mares have been scanned in foal for 2013,the only lady that wont have a baby next year is Melodia. I have decided to leave her untill the spring as Saggy was born in July and I would like to try and start getting the foals born earlier. PHOTO Sagitario and Amarillo.