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On this page we will try and answer some of the most common questions that we get asked about our horses and about the breed in general.

What does PRE mean?                                   

PRE means PURA RAZA ESPANOLA or translates to Pure Bred Spanish Horse. PRE horses are entered into the main Spanish Studbook and DNA parent tested. 

What is the difference between an Andalusian and PRE?

PRE is a Purebred Spanish horse with both parents graded, DNA tested and entered in the main studbook.

Andalusian is the name given to a horse of Spanish origin and derived from center of Spanish horse breeding in the region of Andalusia in Spain... however not so many years ago, all Spanish horses including PRE were called Andalusians.

What is ANCCE and LGPRE?

ANCCE and LGPRE are the central mother studbook in Spain for all things regarding the Purebred Spanish horse. In the UK we have BAPSH Ltd and they act as an agent for ANCCE and handle all of the UK import documents, foal and horse registrations and organise yearly gradings.

APTO means grading and all pure Spanish horses can be presented for grading after they have turned 3 years old. Having the APTO/Graded status means that they can become reproducers themselves. At the moment there are three different levels of grading...BASIC, CALIFICADO, ELITE. Plus ANCCE have several extra breeding programs to encourage breeders to improve stock and these include horses that are given Young horse recommended breeder stock.

What does APTO mean?

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