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Star Andalusians PRE Stud    

Mimosa DF

Double Pearl mare



Principe R x Granaina XXI

Top class mare with outstanding movements.

Due to foal in 2020 to Impetuoso Gap II. She has bloodlines from Escalera , Conde Munoz.

We are really excited about seeing her foals and breeding her with our stallion Leviton JL.

Bred by Fatimbullar S.L

Giralda A

Sooty buckskin mare

gg Ee aa CRc


Duende CXLII x Giralda LIX

We are delighted to introduce Giralda A to our stud. She is a half sister to the well known GP stallion Habil XX. She has elastic movements and a fantstic pedigree with lines from Francisco Lazo Diaz, Yeguada De Ymas, Paco Marti .

She is in in foal to a Yeguada Bassols stallion for 2021.

Bred by Yeguada La Venta

Lluna SA

Cream/Pearl mare.

gg EE Aa CCr nPrl


Brindis MG X Juguetona LXXVII

Superb mare with outstanding movements and a superb temperament.

Lluna is more typical of a baroque type of PRE.

Bloodlines from Uterano VII, sire of Fuego de Cardenas.

This mare is a top class breeding mare producing fantastic offspring that all inherit her big movements.

Bred by Star Andalusians Stud

strella CXXXII

Black mare.

EE Aa gg


Yucateco III X Amaranta VII

Movement winning mare, from a line of movement winning parents.

Bloodlines from Conde Munoz, Fdez Daza, Pallares.

She has Jopo, Carinoso III and many other super old historicl PRE in her pedigree. Estrella is typical of the older type of PRE that we love and is very baroque. She has incredible movements. 

Bred by Star Andalusians  

mbrujada Santa

Chestnut mare

gg ee aa nPrl


Posidon IV X Truillars II

Tall and athletic mare with huge, straight movements for dressage.

We chose Embrujada to join our mares because of her ability to breed future PRE for dressage with height, class, excellent temperaments and big eyecatching movements. 

    Bred by Yeguada La Santa

Dama PLL

Buckskin mare

gg Ee AA Crc


Divino XVIII X Niagara

Dama is a tall athletic mare with excellent movements and a gentle temperament.

Dama has bloodlines from Paco Marti, going back to the great Explotaciones Agropecuarias stallion dadivoso VII, Agente and Dandi VI.

Dama has had several foals with us and they have all inherited her wonderful temperament.

Bred by Yeguada Can Maynou

Ventura XIII

Black mare

gg EE aa


Fattico X Agua III

Ventura is a new mare who arrived from Spain in May 2019.

She has a great pedigree with Fernadez daza, Bocado, Conde Muno and Escalera including the Elite stallion Ermitano III

Ventura has and exceptional movement with beautiful conformation.

We look forward to seeing future foals from her, she already has some excellent offspring in Spain.

Bred by Yeguada Alama.