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Breeding mares


On this page you can look at our Pure Spanish mares. These mares are are the backbone of the stud and each mare will have their own individual special qualities. We do try and back our mares at some point, so that we know they have good trainable temperaments. Our mares are all graded APTO and registered in the Spanish Stud book before being able to have foals.

Luna and Luminoso.jpg

Lluna SA

Cream/Pearl mare.

gg EE Aa CCr nPrl 


 Brindis MG X Juguetona LXXVII

Superb mare with outstanding movements and a superb temperament.

Lluna is more typical of a baroque type of PRE.

Bloodlines from Uterano VII, sire of Fuego de Cardenas.

This mare is a top class breeding mare producing fantastic offspring that all inherit her big movements.

Bred by Star Andalusians Stud

Estrella 1.jpg

Estrella CXXXII

Black mare.

EE Aa gg

Yucateco III X Amaranta VII

Movement winning mare, from a line of movement winning parents.

Bloodlines from Conde Munoz, Fdez Daza, Pallares.

She has Jopo, Carinoso III and many other super old historicl PRE in her pedigree. Estrella is typical of the older type of PRE that we love and is very baroque. She has incredible movements. 

Bred by Star Andalusians  

2018-07-31 001 008.JPG
Mimosa and Giralada.jpg

Mimosa DF

Double Pearl mare


161 cm

Principe R x Granaina XXI

Top class mare with outstanding movements.  She has bloodlines from Escalera , Conde Munoz.

We are really excited about seeing her foals and breeding her with our stallion Leviton JL.

Bred by Fatimbullar S.L

Mimosa Df.jpg

Gaona JL

Sooty Buckskin mare 

gg EE aa CRcr

158 cm

Moret II x Chavala JL

Gaona is a smaller PRE mare with outstanding movements and type.

Gaona is a proven mother of  youngstock in Spain.

Bred by Javier Larrosa Abellan


Danesa JL

Greying buckskin mare.

165 cm

Acero JL x Molinera XL

Danesa is a truly beautiful example of a PRE mare...She has Bocado bloodlines and excellent movements.

Proven mother of offspring in Spain.

Bred by Javier Larrosa Abellan.

2021-10-10 001 008_edited.jpg

Alondra LXXVI

Double pearl mare.

162 cm

Altanero VIP x Princesa CCLXVII

Alondra is a very special mare with not only a wonderful colour, but also superb movements and type.

Alondra has some old  and historic PRE  bloodlines including some from the famous stud of Senorio de Bairian.

Bred by Jesus Mancebo hermana.

2021-10-10 001 010_edited.jpg
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