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Star Andalusians PRE Stud    

Leviton JL

Impetuoso Gap II x Juguetona LXXVII

DOB 14/02/2017


Bred by Javier Larrosa Abellan

Double Pearl Stallion

Leviton is the ONLY double pearl PRE in the UK and will be having his first year at public stud in 2020, he will be available for natural covering from June 2020.

Abanico JL

Duende LII X Estanquera IX

DOB 17/07/2006


Bred by Javier Larrosa Abellan

Buckskin stallion (Ee)

Abanico is such a gorgeous stallion with a fabulous temperament and great movements.

Proven sire of diluted PRE

Embrujo JL

Impetuoso Gap II X Escala

DOB 22/02/2010


Bred by Javier Larrosa Abellan

Cream/Pearl stallion

We are so lucky to have been entrusted with this beautiful stallion. He has

an amazing temperament.

Cortijero XXIII

Dadivoso XI X Cortijera IV

DOB 05/04/2003

16 hh

Bred by Yeguada La Copa SL

Chestnut stallion with one pearl gene

Oustanding stallion with an amazing temperament.

(gg ee Aa PRLprl).

Cortijero XXIII was retired from ridden work in 2017 due to having an accident and he damaged his right fetlock very badly and the joint collapsed...after extensive work from two of England's leading vets and surgeons we decided that we had no option but to retire him from ridden work.

Not available at Stud, but the sire of many of our foals.