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Capella SA

EE AA Gg nCR nPRL nd1/nd2

SIRE: Embrujo JL. DAM: Lluna SA.

Capella is a unique filly with excellent conformation, wonderful temperament and super movements. She comes from a family line of successful dressage horses.

Her sire Embrujo JL is well known for producing offspring with biddable temperaments and lovely movements.

We would love to keep this filly as she is truly amazing, but we cant keep them all, so she is offered for sale to the best of homes.

Capella will be registered with BAPSH/ANCCE, DNA tested and microchipped. She is very well handled, feet trimmed, wormed and easy to do in all ways.


Congratulations to Capella's new owners.


Ilmari SA

Leviton JL x Mimsosa DF,

Double pearl colt (Isabella)

Rare opportunity to purchase a colt of this quality in the UK. Ilmari oozes class and is going to be a star for the future.He is a

fantastic movement with a naturally balanced canter and super expressive trot.

Ilmari has bloodlines going back to Paco Marti, Marques de Vellia and Escalera.

Ilmari has a brilliant temperment and is very people orientated. He is easy to lead and have his feet trimmed. Wormed and eating hard feed.

Ilmari will be DNA tested, registered andpassported with BAPSH/ANCCE.


Congratulations to Ilmari's new owner!


Borealis SA

Leviton JL x Esperanza EE.

Double Pearl colt (Isabella)

Borealis is a totally unique, stunning golden colt with perfect conformation and a super temperament. Boris is very well handled and has a good temperament, he is already having his feet trimmed and tucking into hard feed.

Boris is a good mover and has a lovely cadenced trot. He has bloodlines including Bohorquez, Joaquin Marquez, Senorio de Bairian.

Borealis will be DNA tested,registered and passported with BAPSH/ANCCE.


Congratulations to Boris's new owner. 

2023-07-28 002 004.JPG
2023-07-28 001 013_edited.jpg

Ruby Raindancer

Spanish Fusion Filly

Sire :Embrujo JL x Lilli Rose.

gg EE Aa nd1nd2 nPRL nT

Ruby is a unique coloured Tobiano Spanish Fusion filly. She has a fantastic temperament, movements and type..She is sure to go far in the show ring with her markings and will definitely make someones best friend. 

Ruby is very well handled and has her feet trimmed..wormed and eating hard feed.

Registered with BAPSH.

Passport and Microchip.

PRICE £4500.

Now fully weaned and ready to go.

2023-07-28 001 009.JPG
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