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Buying a horse can be nerve wracking experience, but here at Star Andalusians we strive to make it a fun and enjoyable time.. Whether you come to me to buy one of our PRE horses, want me to find you a horse in Spain or just want general help and advice on the breed, I will always be happy to help you... I love the PRE Spanish horse and have been involved with breeding and importing them for 25 years now.... I lived in Spain for a short while as a child and the passion for the breed started!... I worked as a Head stud groom for a large Warmblood and Thoroughbred stud in my teens and this where I started covering mares and foaling them down... after this I had my own stallions and mares and created my own stud farm...In the late 90's I studied a little about AI and helped set up a small warmblood stud where we were getting mares in foal using frozen and chilled semen... We had our own dummy mare and did all our own stallion collections ourselves.

In 1994 I made my first visit to SICAB the International Spanish horse fair in was at this first visit that I made my first PRE imports into the UK... My own foundation mare Amaranta VII and a stallion for Julie Barham...after that people started contacting me and asking for help to find them a PRE many years later I have imported and exported quite a few horses, many of them have gone on to be National Champions of the breed and dressage Champions.

 Some of the horses that I have helped import for people include....

But my main interest with the Spanish horse has been the stud farm and for years we have strived to breed horses for people to love to own an have masses of fun with.

We have bred many foals and helped other people with breeding their dream horse. All our foals are handled from day one and when they leave the stud farm they are all halter trained, had their feet done and socialised... We only breed a few foals a year, so that we have plenty  of time to spend with each one.

Here are a few testimonial's that will hopefully show people that if you come to us you will have a nice experience. I will be adding more testimonial's,  so keep checking back to read about other peoples experiences. 


Sarah and Oberon SA

When we were looking for a young PRE we came across Star Andalusian PRE Stud but particularly noticed Oberon SA aka Obi. We then met Samantha at the breed show, she was lovely and very easy to talk too answering every question we had and introduced us Obi's dad. We felt very confident about buying a horse from Star Andalusian as Sam is so dedicated to her horses and we have not been disappointed ever since. Obi is now 4 years old and being backed and he is exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Samantha of Star Andalusian PRE Stud.

Sarah Turpin

Oberon SA.JPG

Lauren and Dorado SA

I have known Sam as a breeder and a knowledgable horsewoman for 10 years. When I bought my first horse, she was the one who recommended the filly I purchased. Even though I had not purchased the filly from her stud, Sam was always to hand with advice and consequently when my filly was a grown mare I wanted to put her in foal and I went straight to Sam to put my mare to one of her incredible stallions. I entrusted Sam with my pride and joy - my mare. The process was simple and calm. She even helped and advised with regards to grading my mare prior to covering. I was so grateful for Sam’s 20+ years’ experience for sure. I bred a beautiful foal who is doing well with his new owner. Last year, something magical happened (and rather unexpected!) I ended up falling in love with one of Sam’s colts - Dorado SA. I kept a close eye on the Facebook page to see how he was doing and just wanted him so much even though having another horse was not something I had planned for. I had a distant dream to own a PRE stallion one day but not yet surely?! I had a string of bad luck situations and I just thought ‘Do it Lauren. Do it for you’ so I travelled down to see Sam and I am always so relaxed on the yard - always a good sign. The stallions are like big softies and made me feel even more sure I could do this with a colt of my own and knew Sam would be with me every step of the way. Much to my husband’s dismay, I decided to travel back down a few months later to purchase Dorado (Aka Rupert!) and Sam and her partner, Dave helped load Rupert and yes it took some time but it was no way stressful and a very young horse had a fantastic first experience loading a box. Sam knew exactly what to do. Rupert is almost a year old now and I adore him. He has such a gentle nature and his Dam and Sire are so special - it’s pretty obvious I’ve got a gem! And the best bit? Sam believes it too. She loves all her horses - mares, stallions and progeny as if they were all her own children. Sam is always there when I need advice. So you want the dream? The beautiful Spanish horse but an easy transition into becoming a PRE owner? Then Star Andalusians is the place to be heading. Sam is knowledgable, caring and wants the best for the horses she sells... that makes me feel like I’ve got a pretty special deal right there. Thank you Sam and Dave.

  Love Rupert and Lauren

2018-07-31 001 010.JPG

Gemma with Apollo and Petunio

“Having ridden & bred warm bloods for over 20 years, when I lost my last home bred I had know Sam for a number of years but this was when she introduced me to the most fantastic breed - kind, versatile, talented & genuine. I can not thank her enough for selling me the most amazing homebred colt foal who is now rising 3 & becoming a beautiful stallion both inside & out, with what I now know thanks to the knowledge & advice Sam has given/giving has fantastic confirmation, character & talent to be the competition horse I’ve spent a lifetime looking for. I now have another PRE who is rising 6 & imported by Sam as a foal who is proving to have amazing versatile talent, kind genuine nature with a thirst to learn & work. Thank you Sam for your knowledge, friendship, my 2 amazing boys & an addiction to a breed is long thought impossible!

Gus jump.jpg

Rose Aylward with Amarillo Sol SA 

I would not hesitate to recommend Star Andalusians to anybody looking to buy a quality spanish horse, with excellent bloodlines and fantastic temperaments. I have bought three young horses from Star Andalusians and they have all impressed with their excellent outlook on life - the early months of a foal's life, and their environment, have such a huge impact on their future, and I can say with confidence that every young horse I have bought here has been set up for success in their futures. I wouldn't go anywhere else when seeking a young horse, whether as a serious competition or showing prospect, or as a pleasure horse.


Anonymous Dubai with Mira III and Dudosa

We wanted to buy some quality stock to make our farm breeding PRE horses and we want to say thankyou for selling us some wonderful animals. Mira III has grown well and is now a mother herself. Thankyou again Samantha.


Ellen and Alula SA

I bought my first youngster from Star Andalusians, last summer. I’ve been around horses for the most of my life and done lots of education to do with horses however still was nervous about having a youngster. Everyone wants to make sure they make their perfect horse when getting a youngster, so nerves were a constant but even months after I bought my little girl, Sam from Star Andalusians was still just a call away for advice or reassurance. Every bad day she helped me and every good day she positively assured me. Even now, a year on, she messages to check how we are getting on and offer any advice I need. I really appreciate having this to fall back on. Would recommend Sam, when buying any horse, not just youngsters as she doesn’t just sell you the horse you ask for, she becomes a friend that watches you progress with that horse!


Jenny and Barrie Rolfe with Loki JL and Reducto W

I first saw Sam’s photograph in a magazine, riding her stunning PRE stallion Lengueto and for over 20 years now, she has advised me on bloodlines, the management involved introducing Spanish horses into the UK.------ IN fact all things IBERIAN!!

Sam has spent much time helping me find such wonderful talented stallions for my riding and teaching.

If you have any questions about PRE stallions, mares or youngstock then Sam has a wealth of experience having built up one of UK’s leading stud farms.

So huge thanks Sam as my Spanish Pre stallions have been a life changer for me!!

Jenny Rolfe


Sarah and Auriga SA

All of my PRE girls have come from Star Andalusians, for me nothing matches their conformation, breeding and most importantly temperament. Sam and her team are always so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. Sam is always on hand to offer support and encouragement. I would never buy a PRE from anyone or anywhere else.

Auriga SA.JPG
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