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The stud was founded in 1995 by Samantha Jo Tilley after a lifelong dream to own a Spanish PRE horse.


Star Andalusians is one of the oldest active PRE Studs in the UK.      

With dedicated help from friends and family our stud has become established and for 25 years we were based on the West Sussex, Hampshire borders, not far from the South Downs. In 2020 we moved the stud to the village of Clayhidon situated on the Somerset, Devon Borders and we are now in the beautiful Blackdown Hills.


We are a small family stud with an interest in breeding Spanish horses with superb temperaments and the spectacular movements that this ancient breed are famed for. 

As a child I lived in Spain and always remember the black Spanish Stallion that I used to ride..Of all the hunters, jumpers, show ponies and racehorses I rode, none could match him, he was spectacular!

None could rear to command, bow down for me to get on and off, Spanish walk down the highway then piaffe and passage for fun, The nobility and beauty of this horse blew me away.

I spent years trying to find my dream horse like that stallion, but it was impossible and the problem was not helped by the fact that for many years horses were not able to be imported into the UK from Spain due to African horse Sickness.  Then in 1994 purely by chance along came Lengueto V.


So then the stud was founded with the D Fermin Bohorquez stallion Lengueto V.  Lengueto was purchased directly from the  Royal School of Equestrian art in Jerez De LA Frontera, along with the Romero Benitez stallion Zamorano XIII. At the time I was very involved with dressage horses and everyone kept asking me WHY?!? Why on earth do you want one of those!? Well now they can see, as the Spanish horse or PRE as the breed is now known, is making its mark on the dressage world with horses like Evento, Oleaje, Invasor III and in more recent time Fuego XII. 

In the UK and Spain competitions are aimed purely for PRE horses and from this selections can be made for breeding the right horses. 


The Spanish PRE has captured peoples hearts, no one can ignore a Spanish stallion doing Spanish walk down the center line at the Olympics!! Quite amazing!!!


We are ever passionate about this ancient and noble breed and are keen to preserve some of the old bloodlines and type of the Spanish horse. Although we are keen to see this breed become ever succesful in international dressage competition, we also think its important to remember that the Spanish PRE or Andalusian as it was formerly known, has always been a smaller compact horse with a biddable temperment and high flamboyant movements, a horse with a natuaral talent for the advanced movements, which is what makes the breed is easy to train and fun to ride . Have a look at a Spanish horse in the bullring!

There really is nothing quite like owning or riding a Purebred Spanish Horse!

History of the stud

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