Star Andalusians PRE Stud 


Breeders of Purebred Spanish Horses since 1995

For more than 30 years the only colours accepted into the Spanish stud book have been bay, black and grey. However in 2002 the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture made a dramatic change in this law and after spending so many years trying to eliminate all other colours, they accepted them back into the main studbook. It was a good move, because now we have many stunning PRE horses in some amazing colours! It is amazing to look back and think that there was a time not so many years ago, when as a breeder your worst nightmare was to find your precious PRE mare had given birth to a chestnut foal! Chestnuts were amongst the many colours that the Spanish would simply not allow to be registered in the main studbook, so no palomino or cremello... Pearl or Isabela looked very much like Chestnut, so this colour became virtually extinct in the PRE.

As most of these diffrent colours were almost eradicated from the breed, they are now quite rare, so the chestnut, dun, buckskin foal that was almost worthless less than ten years ago is now worth a considerable amount more.

Buckskins have never been banned from the main studbook, as in Spain they are regarded as a type of bay, but they have not been very desirable. Palomino purebreds have not been registered until 2002 as they come from the chestnut gene.

Fortunately many of these rare and interesting colours have survived and now we are seeing more of these beautiful and original colours of the PRE come back,this can only be a good thing. Now we can see the the Spanish horse as it would have looked in the royal courts of europe many centuries ago,you only need to look at some of the lovely paintings by some of the old masters to see the wonderful array of colourful Spanish horses that were often given as gifts to Kings and Queens.
Here at the stud we are lucky to have several pearl and cream carrying mares and a super stunning pearl carrying chestnut colt with the best pure Carthusian bloodlines. We are really lucky to have a Cream/Pearl stallion and a Double Pearl colt along with our Buckskin Stallion.
If you would like any information on PRE colours, please feel free to contact us, we are one the leading importers in the UK of  PRE's in rare colours.


This is a picture of Leviton JL.

Leviton is a double pearl or Isabella colt,

this picture was taken when he was still with his dam in 2017.

We can only look forward to the future with Leviton and hope to see him out and about competing and having babies in a few years. He is actually a half brother to our mare pictured above called Lluna SA.